Even in the presence of some less-than-spectacular driving, the sights and noises of powerful V8 muscle

vehicles competing against one another at the drag strip are incredible. Dodge has regrettably discontinued the

Hemi V8 engine for passenger vehicles this year. Dodge has only verified an electric vehicle powertrain, despite

rumors that the next Charger Daytona will offer a turbocharged inline-six hurricane engine as an option. In the interim, Chevrolet has not issued any information regarding the Camaro's future, and the name appears to be

extinct at this time. There are rumors that an electric SUV bearing the Camaro moniker is in the works; however, we are skeptical that any enthusiasts of muscle cars would be pleased with the prospect. At present,

the S650 Mustang is the sole new V8 American muscle vehicle in production. Given this, we recommend that you view the entire film in order to witness each Chevy vs. Dodge match.