It's amazing to see and hear powerful V8 muscle cars fighting against each other at the drag strip, even when

the drivers aren't doing the best job. This year, Dodge has sadly stopped making the Hemi V8 for passenger

cars. There have been rumors that the next Charger Daytona will come with a turbocharged inline-six hurricane

engine, but so far Dodge has only stated that it will have an electric powertrain. At this point, Chevrolet hasn't said anything new about the Camaro's future, and the name seems to be dead right now. It has been said that an

electric SUV with the Camaro name may be in the works, but we don't think any muscle car fans would be

excited about that. The S650 Mustang is the only new V8 American power car that is still being made right now. So, if you want to see every Chevy vs. Dodge match, you should watch the whole movie.