Josh found this 1970 Challenger R/T by accident in front of a car repair shop. The Mopar's owner has had it for

more than 35 years, but they haven't driven it since 2000. At first, the car had a 440 Six Pack V8 engine, but now it has an aftermarket stroked

440 under the hood. This Challenger is an R/T SE, which makes it one of the rarest cars ever made.

Challengers were ever made—less than 300 were made. Josh thinks it could be fixed up, but there is a lot of rust

and metal that needs to be fixed. Even though this Challenger is hard to find, it won't be winning any mall

awards any time soon, especially for being unique. The VIN and badges on the hood show that this was factory- installed with a 440 six-pack V8, the car's original engine is no longer there, which is a shame.