As the release date for the Dodge Hornet got closer, people were eagerly waiting for a word about how much the car would cost. Because of this, they were

had the information they needed to decide if the car was within their budget.

People who were buying the things were very excited and looking forward to them. In the very competitive market for small cars, the excitement surrounding the Hornet's price reveal made it clear that there is a lot of

interest in it and that it has the potential to grab people's attention. People who buy Hornets. This became very clear when it was seen that the Hornet was able to bring in

customers. To make sure they would be among the first people to own the car, people who wanted to buy it were eagerly researching the getting information about prices and thinking about buying the car before it was even on the market. A lot of

people showed interest in buying the car, and the number of those people was pretty big.