Josh, as is frequently the case with these types of discoveries, the opportunity to encounter the 1970 While passing an auto repair shop, I observed a Dodge Challenger, although I was not specifically seeking one.

Josh is delighted to discover that this is a 440 six-pack Challenger R/T. However, upon speaking with the

owner, Josh discovered that this Mopar is significantly less common than he had previously believed. The owner informed Josh that, although he has

The vehicle has been off the road since 2000, despite the fact that it has been in possession for more than 35 years. The vinyl top, small rear window, and overhead console in the interior of this vehicle are clear indications that it is a

Exclusive to the 1970 model year, the Special Edition (SE) automobile. Alex Kwanten assisted us in verifying

that 3,979 hardtop R/Ts were furnished with the SE option, despite the fact that the precise number of SEs that Dodge manufactured is a matter of debate. This information was obtained from three distinct sources.