Then, what is the issue? The Mopars with superchargers did not appear to be increasing in speed for nearly a

decade. Carroll Shelby's most renowned quotation, "There is never enough horsepower... just not enough

traction," is the key to the solution. Even with factory 315/40R18 R-compound Nitto NT05R drag circles, it is a

challenging endeavor to transfer 807 horsepower from a driveshaft to the tarmac. Subsequently, the 2023 SRT Super Stock and the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat pulverize their tires as a result of any lead-footed input.

Nevertheless, Dodge produced some of the most authentically funny muscle cars of the modern era. fuel

economy? I have never encountered it before. The enthusiasts adored these vehicles because they were unashamedly Mopar.