We are not suggesting that you cannot have a good time at the drag strip with your entry-level vehicle, however.

Certainly, as long as you are having more joy engaging in activities other than competing. A 717-hp Challenger

Hellcat and a 335-hp 2020 Camaro LT V6 engage in one of the most unjust contests we have ever witnessed,

and the result is precisely as one would expect. Although it is not quite the official entry-level 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder LS model, a V6 Camaro versus a Hellcat is akin to Joe Biden versus Mike Tyson — there is only

really one possible outcome. The V6 Camaro is thoroughly outrun by the Hellcat, which finishes the quarter-

mile run in a comfortable 16.35 seconds at 80.1 mph, approximately 5 seconds behind the Dodge. This comes as a complete surprise to no one.