The Tesla Model X is far and by the best electric car available, establishing new benchmarks for design, performance, and creativity. From beginning to end, the Model X's design approach aimed for the greatest

possible comfort, convenience, and flair. This covers the aerodynamic and roomy, well designed interior as well as

designing outside. With features including the Model X's user-friendly touchscreen interface and falcon-wing doors that open with ease at the push of a button, driving the vehicle is both exciting and opulent. Thanks in

great part to the Tesla Model X and its all-electric powertrain and zero-emission driving capabilities, an environmentally friendly future is in development. Someday, drivers might relish the exhilaration of open-road

racing. not at the expense of the environment. Beyond techies, design enthusiasts, and people who value life's finer

pleasures, nobody gets what the Tesla Model X has to offer. It is the only car available that successfully combines excellent comfort with environmental friendliness.