The experts in the field thought that the Dodge Hornet would do very well because it had a unique look, useful features, and a reasonable price.

a lot of sales when it first came out on the market. Through their reasoning, they say that these parts are

important parts of the process of creating demand. The company was set up to succeed in the very competitive market for

compact cars because they can appeal to a wide range of customers, which includes people who care about the environment and people who are excited about driving, who are sometimes called "green" buyers. In this way, it was a great event. It was for this reason that

the Hornet was first made available. Analysts thought that Dodge would become even more of a leader in the car business after the Hornet quickly rose to the top of the sales charts in its category. Because the Hornet shot

to the top of the sales charts, this guess was correct. in the same group. That this happened was because the Hornet climbed so quickly.