That being said, we're not saying you can't have fun at the drag strip with your basic car. Yes, as long as

something else is more fun for you than competition. The race between a 717-hp Challenger Hellcat and a 335-

hp 2020 Camaro LT V6 is one of the most unfair ones we've ever seen, and the result is exactly what you'd

expect. It's not quite the official base 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder LS model, but putting a V6 Camaro up

against a Hellcat is like putting Joe Biden up against Mike Tyson—there's only one way this can go. No one is

surprised that the Hellcat is faster than the V6 Camaro. It finishes the quarter-mile run about 5 seconds behind the Dodge in 16.35 seconds at 80.1 mph.