Ryan Gosling has continued to challenge the boundaries of Hollywood. Ryan Gosling will slide automobiles and leap out of windows in the new film "The Fall Guy" as a hesitant stuntman who is willing to do whatever it

takes for love. However, advertising materials suggest that a second film is in the works. Just prior to its parent company's closure, a fan favorite will be featured on the screen.

commercial enterprise. I am, of course, referring to the Dodge Challenger, which is currently in a state of

disrepair. Ryan Gosling has a history of starring in films that are intended for auto enthusiasts. His 2011 film "Drive" is a contemporary cult favorite among enthusiasts of noir criminal movies, near-silent dramatic

suspense, and carnage. In the subsequent action film "The Fall Guy," Gosling makes a comeback behind the wheel.

which appears to be a significantly less serious matter.