People in the neighborhood aren't sure what Dodge's Jailbreak program is all about. Forty special Demon 170

customers have been chosen by Dodge for their Jailbreak Program. There are 20 famous people and 20 long-time Dodge SRT fans. The paint on each car is a

twenty heritage choices based on the original paint colors for the 1970 Dodge Challenger and twenty unique

modern Dodge colors. Panther Pink is the color of this Demon 170. Chrysler only made this color for one year, in 1970, with the "FM3" paint code. To put it simply, it lets you change almost every visual element of your

SRT. Challenger or Charger right from the factory, like the color of the gas cap and hood logo, the interior trim colors,

the different paint jobs, and the wheels and brakes you can choose from. calipers.