Josh discovered this 1970 Challenger R/T by chance outside of an auto repair business. The Mopar has been in the owner's possession for more than 35 years; however, it has not been operated since 2000. The vehicle was

initially fitted with a 440 Six Pack V8 engine; however, an aftermarket stroked

Under the bonnet, there is a 440. This Challenger is truly an R/T SE, which renders it one of the most uncommon.

The total number of Challengers manufactured is less than 300. Josh recognizes the potential for restoration; however, there is a substantial amount of bodywork and corrosion that requires repair. This Challenger will not

be receiving any concourse honors in the near future, particularly for its originality, despite its elusive status.

Despite the fact that the bonnet badging and VIN indicate that this was a factory-built vehicle Regrettably, the vehicle's original engine is no longer present, as it has been replaced with a 440 six-pack V8.