This well-known 1970s Mopar is one of the rarest E-bodies in the world and hasn't been driven since.

2000. Even when we spend weeks or months carefully looking for a vintage car we want, once in a while

something comes up that takes our breath away. Most of the time, looking through barn finds or junkyards will

lead you to something. But for YouTuber JoshNaround, this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T was right there in plain sight. The This is one of the most famous muscle cars ever made: the Dodge Challenger from the first model.

A lot of people still want it, even though its E-body sister, the Plymouth Cuda, may have taken some of its shine

off. Josh thinks this particular specimen has a lot of potential, even though it looks pretty rough. However, it looks like this Challenger R/T is even rarer than it first seems.